Official updates on Coronavirus


You can find the official statement by Masco Group on Coronavirus here.

Masco Group and Olsa have been on the front line in the fight against the pandemic, never stopping working on our products, which are essential to the pharmaceutical industry. We supplied systems for the production of therapeutics used against Covid-19, such as antivirals, vaccines and antibodies.At our facilities around the world we have put in place all suitable protection measures, both for our employees and our clients.
Since traveling is difficult, we are promoting for our clients the use of technologies such as smart glasses and virtual reality for the testing and maintenance of our systems.

25 March 2020
In Italy we are currently facing a complete lock down all production activities starting March 25th, except for businesses of primary importance.
Stilmas and Olsa are exempt from this as they provide important critical utilities to the Pharmaceutical industry, an essential business these days more than ever. However, the health and safety of our employees is of primary importance, so we have strengthened protection measures.


12 March 2020
The Italian Government has decided a further tight to the nationwide lockdown. Offices and production sites can remain operative id they are able to impose a safe working environment.
We at Masco Group have implemented measures for both offices and the production department to guarantee the business continuity in these critical conditions.


10 March 2020
Covid-19 is spreading quickly across Europe, so the Italian Government has decided to lock down the entire country, which is a limitation for people for reasons other than health and business reasons. Stilmas, Olsa and DOC are fully operative thanks to our strict preventive measures, flexibility and the use of tools that let us, for example, to execute F.A.T. in remote mode.


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