Preparation vessels


A wide selection of products and design flexibility.

Preparation vessels designed and manufactured in compliance with the strictest cGMP guidelines both for sterile and non sterile productions.

Technical Description

  • Wide range of models from 25 to 30.000 lt capacity and customized execution to meet the most particular requirements of end-users.
  • cGMP & FDA compliant design, ASME/PED certification.
  • A wide selection of agitators from sterile magnetic stirrer to powerful disperser-homogenizers grant top mixing performances with different products. High versatility and flexibility in design and manufacturing allow Olsa to offer a vessel for any product even the most unusual and difficult to produce.
  • Wide choice of accessories and control instruments of qualified suppliers are installed in Olsa package to guarantee a full process control.

Main features

  • CIP and SIP integrated systems to grant the highest cleaning and sterility standards of the pharmaceutical world.
  • Any level of control systems: from manual up to fully automatic operation, controlled by PLC and dedicated, open type, software packages, including multiple access level (password), SCADA, electronic signature, 21 CFR part 11 compliance, provision for ethernet connection of multiple unit and of supervision systems.


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