Reactors and Preparation Vessels


Olsa engineers customize a wide range of products able to fulfill the specific needs of the most difficult production processes

The preparation vessels are designed and manufactured in compliance with the strictest cGMP guidelines both for sterile and non-sterile productions. Size range from 2 up to 50.000 liters matching EU cGMP & FDA requirements as well as ASME/PED certification

Technical Description

  • High versatility and flexibility in design and manufacturing allows Olsa to offer a vessel for any process/product, even the most unusual and difficult to produce

Main features

  • A wide selection of agitators, from magnetic stirrers for sterile products, to powerful disperserhomogenizers, granting best mixing performances for different products
  • CIP and SIP integrated systems to grant the highest cleaning and sterility standards of the pharmaceutical world
  • Sophisticated control systems for automatic/semi-automatic operations in compliance with 21 CFR part 11, controlled by PLC and SCADA
  • Integration with isolators when required


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