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With about 70 years’ experience, thousand equipment sold all over the world, many complete systems supplied to the main Biopharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries for the production of any type of product, Olsa has the competence and the capability to partner its customers in the development, design, manufacturing and validation of complete complex system for any solid, semisolid and liquid product, including aseptic processing

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Born to be the leader in its fields, Masco Group involves its Companies in dealing every day with innovation, advanced technology and best practices


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Official updates on Coronavirus

You can find the official statement by Masco Group on Coronavirus here.

Masco Group and Olsa have been on the front line in the fight against the pandemic, never stopping working on our products, which are essential to the pharmaceutical industry. We supplied systems for the production of therapeutics used against Covid-19, such as antivirals, vaccines and antibodies.At our facilities around the world we have put in place all suitable protection measures, both for our employees and our clients.
Since traveling is difficult, we are promoting for our clients the use of technologies such as smart glasses and virtual reality for the testing and maintenance of our systems.


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Service Engineer Fabio Poli tells his work and life story on L’Eco di Bergamo

20 October 2019

Fabio Poli has been a service engineer for Olsa since 2000, traveling the world to test and start Olsa’s equipment for nearly two decades.

The newspaper L’Eco di Bergamo dedicated an article to him and his job, which took him to 59 countries and “out of office” for 250-270 days a year. The “globetrotter technician” as they called him shows a great dedication and passion for his job.

His experience shows how a company can grow with its employees.

«Still today for every assignment I have the same enthusiasm as the first day; I consider it a unique and formative work and personal experience», says Fabio.

Read the complete article here: Collaudatore globetrotter «La mia vita in viaggio»


Fabio Poli è un collaudatore Olsa dal 2000 e viaggia nel mondo per testare e avviare gli impianti Olsa da quasi vent’anni. L’Eco di Bergamo gli ha dedicato un articolo, raccontando del suo lavoro che lo ha portato in 59 paesi e che lo fa viaggiare fuori sede circa 250-270 giorni all’anno. Il “collaudatore globetrotter” come lo hanno definito dimostra ancora oggi una grande dedizione e passione per il suo lavoro.

La sua esperienza dimostra come un’azienda possa crescere con i suoi dipendenti.

«Anche oggi, ogni incarico è vissuto con lo stesso entusiasmo del primo giorno e lo considero un’esperienza lavorativa e personale unica e formativa», dice Fabio. 

Qui l’articolo completo: Collaudatore globetrotter «La mia vita in viaggio»