Why Olsa

Customization capabilities

Our clients' customers are at the centre of everything we do. We strive to understand their needs, anticipate their challenges, and exceed their expectations. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences and building long-term relationships based on trust and mutual success. Our dedication to customer satisfaction drives our continuous improvement and growth.

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We have the capability to breakdown our clients' process requirements and create a detailed engineering project plan.

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Strong track record

We have been working in the Life Science industry for more than 70 years, being partners of both global customers and local players, developing a strong project management and a deep know-how and understanding of the pharmaceutical, biotech and cosmetic process.

why olsa strong track record

Automation and digitalisation

Automation is an integral part of the systems we provide: every process has its complexity and its own different software and automation system to guarantee total control, efficiency and optimization of the overall process. 
We are innovator and for this reason we recently introduced new user interface (UX) for panels and the Digital Twin tool,  which makes the design and installation of the process more efficient. 

For these solutions, we rely on the support of MGA - Masco Group Automation - a team of experts in the field of automation, digitalisation and pharmaceutical equipment. They have developed advanced and customised solutions for many of our projects. 
For more info on what they can do, visit: www.mgautomation.com

why olsa Automation and digitalization
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The Masco Group is an Italian-based company, active in the Life Sciences (Pharmaceutical and Biopharma), Cosmetics, and Food and Beverage industries

We are the specialists in providing integrated technology solutions,
thanks to our team and brands operating in diverse categories

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Quality documentation

At Olsa, we believe that creating, implementing and maintaining a Quality Management Systems is of the utmost importance to guarantee processes effectiveness and to maximise customer satisfaction. Our commitment to quality translates in the ISO 9001 certification for our company, as well as our corporate culture and our everyday practices