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Soft gels


Olsa boasts an extensive history of expertise in soft gel technology, spanning numerous years and encompassing both filler and gelatin applications. Our commitment to innovation in this field has led to the development of dedicated mixers, vacuum mixers homogenizers, and ancillary equipment (for example TCUs and CIP/SIP skids).

In the realm of filler production, Olsa has introduced specialized mixers, such as OlsaMix and SpeedyMix. These models are engineered to deliver precise results by ensuring the proper micronization of ingredients and impeccable product homogeneity. This attention to detail is paramount in soft gel manufacturing, where consistency and quality are of utmost importance.

For gelatin production, a critical process characterized by high viscosity, we offer the OlsaMix model or planetary mixers. These mixers are tailored to address the unique challenges posed by high-viscosity substances with precision and efficiency.

Moreover, Olsa's commitment to versatility extends to all types of gelatins employed in the industry. We recognize that the industry is evolving, with a growing demand for vegan products. As such, we offer planetary mixers that are capable of effectively blending various types of gelatins, including standard and vegan variants.

At Olsa, we understand the nuanced requirements of soft gel manufacturing and are equipped to meet the highest standards of product quality and consistency.

Thanks to the synergy with MGA (Masco Group Automation), Olsa can provide an automation package to guarantee process control and related reporting.

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