Maxilab is a unit utilized for the production and improvement of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products, as well as raw materials compatibility and rheology tests

The Maxilab is a mixer whose range varies from 3 up to 30 liters, replicating industrial units allowing the scaling-up of laboratory results as well as small batch production. The design and compact skid execution allow its installation on laboratory areas providing the requested and needed versatility


Technical Description

  • Its mixing system consists of three agitators:
    • An anchor-type outer agitator enabling a bottom-up recirculation
    • A blade-type inner agitator enabling a top-down recirculation
    • A bottom mounted homogenizer enhancing the shearing and mixing effect as well as giving stability to the emulsion
  • The Maxilab is equipped with a touch-screen panel with a set of video pages for very practical management, in order to control all the equipment functions through a useful human interface

Main features

  • Desk installation in fixed or mobile execution
  • Cover lifting system by means of compressed air (or electromechanically driven for upper capacities)
  • Pivoting cover to allow useful and friendly workability around the mixer
  • Product contact metal in stainless steel AISI 316L (other materials available)
  • Vacuum pump inside the cabinet
  • Electrical heating station installed inside the cabinet
  • Cooling system
  • Vacuum and pressure operations
  • Bottom emulsifier with speed variation
  • Slow agitators with speed variation


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