The mixer Minilab is utilized to make mixtures, dispersions and emulsions for the preparation of cosmetic and food products

All kinds of mixing problems can be solved by using the Minilab, which is particularly suitable for research and rheology tests involving small quantities of product


Technical Description

  • The Minilab is a 2.7 liters mixer replicating industrial units allowing the scaling-up of laboratory results. The design and compact execution allow its installation on the common laboratory desk, providing the requested and needed versatility

Main features

  • Dismountable vessel
  • In place jacket for heating and cooling with water
  • Dismountable planetary mixing group for cleaning (scraper and blade)
  • Automatic control throughout PLC and touch screen panel to set working parameters
  • Vacuum control
  • Transparent cover with glass-wiper
  • Agitators safety stop at vessel opening


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