Advanced solutions for the Biopharmaceutical and Cosmetic production processes

Olsa core business is the design and manufacturing of Process machines adhering to the customer requests, within the most stringent regulatory requirements, looking for the most advanced technical solutions

Wide capability, fully reliable and advanced solutions for the Biopharmaceutical and Cosmetic production processes

Olsa’s high quality design and manufacture of equipment for liquid, semi-solid and solid products, in addition to bioreactors, is the result of more than 65 years of experience and continuous innovation

Today Olsa systems are used all over the world to produce medicines in a safe, controlled, and fully reliable way starting from R&D, with various production size machines of less than 3 up to 30.000 liters or more for full scale preparation vessel for large volume parenterals. Olsa can provide vessels for critical ‘non sterile’ drugs and for aseptic processing production of critical products such as cytotoxic or biological origin medicines




Olsa is specialized in the process analysis, engineering, design, manufacturing and installation of preparation process equipment

With thousands of installations worldwide, Olsa has been contributing to develop the most advanced pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical and biotechnology processes partnering with major pharmaceutical companies around the world


In the last 67 years Olsa has been the main partner for the most important pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies in the development of semisolid applications

Our know-how contributes to the development of the best processes for the production of creams, ointments, gels, toothpaste, nutraceutical and similar products



Biotechnology origin products are becoming more and more important in the Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Production areas

Our deep process know-how, extensive bioprocess expertise and excellent execution of highly sophisticated software grant a successful combination. This makes Olsa the right partner for the Biotechnology and Biological Operators, from R&D to industrial scale production


Deep process knowledge and long term experience makes our technical solutions the most appropriate answer to the API and Fine Chemical market

Olsa is to be the world’s leader in solid handling serving the global market with Filtration and Drying technologies

Complete process lines are provided with full automation control systems that can be integrated with heating and cooling skids, vacuum units and solvent recovery systems


Cleaning, Sterilizing and Drying in Place of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Cosmetic equipment is the most appropriate and safe method for managing these critical and frequent operations

Our wide experience in engineering and manufacturing equipment and complex systems for liquid, semisolid and solid products has allowed us to design and manufacture the most appropriate and performing fully automated CIP/SIP/Drying units perfectly performing in the different applications


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