Olsa Filterplus Nutsche type filters are process units for the solid-liquid separation and cake washing

Olsa dryfilters are multipurpose units to perform in one single equipment also the product drying operation in addition to the solid-liquid separation


Technical Description

  • The solid product which has been recovered through pressure filtration has to be dried for further processing or for final packaging
  • High containment and operator safety conditions, together with environmental and product protection need to meet the most stringent requirement for pharmaceutical specification

Main features

  • Process control and management with PLC and operator panel
  • ā€œSā€ shaped agitator blades for improving mixing efficiency and faster product discharge operations
  • Dished top fixed to the vessel by fast opening C-clamps to be easily opened for all manual process and service operations including product unloading, filter-medium installation and cleaning operation
  • Full containment-type discharge valve
  • Washing device for CIP/WIP procedure for main vessel, dust filter and discharge valve
  • Vacuum group as per required process needs


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