Hot Air Circulation Dryer


OLSA proprietary design is a direct result of many years consolidated experience in the field of drying with hot air or under vacuum condition

This experience has significantly improved the drying efficiency performance


Technical Description

  • cGMP compliance design allowing an easy access to ventilation and heating group through the upper plenum for maintenance and cleaning operations
  • Air distribution and air suction devices inside the chamber on demountable frames to allow optimal cleaning operations
  • Temperature uniformity ensured by an effective air distribution which homogeneously reaches every section of the chamber

Main features

  • Hot air dryers available with either electric or steam heating, this last configuration also with ex-proof components, on request
  • HEPA filters on air intake and exhaust available on request
  • Separate stainless steel control panel with PLC and touch screen HMI on request. The system allows data transfer to the end user central data system


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