Oyster (WF)


Oyster filters are wheeled filters, designed for multipurpose use

These units find their main application in the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry, they allow for easy transfer between different production areas and laboratory. The Oyster filters allow for pressure filtration operation, which are performed manually in an enclosed, pressure rated unit

Technical Description

  • Multipurpose process unit
  • Maximum operation flexibility and minimum downtime
  • Solid-liquid separation under pressure and full-containment condition
  • Dished top fixed to the vessel by fast opening C-clamps to be easily opened for all manual process and service operations including product unloading, filter-medium installation and cleaning operation

Main features

  • Cover opening and closure by manually operated hydraulic system
  • Fast operation to install and change the filter-medium
  • Bottom discharge of the filtrate
  • Optional manually controlled agitator
  • Installation on wheeled support structure
  • Simple and economic cGMP operation


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