The Speedycream equipment is used for pharmaceutical and cosmetic batch production of semi-solids products

Its mixing system consists of three agitators:

  • a semi-anchor type outer agitator equipped with Teflon scrapers
  • an orbital-type inner agitator enabling horizontal displacement and vertical thrusting recirculation
  • a bottom mounted homogenizer enhancing the shearing and mixing effect as well as giving stability to the emulsion


Technical Description

  • The special geometrical configuration of the planetary agitator ensures a thorough mixing of the batch, an intimate physical combination of the phases and a homogeneous distribution of ingredients
  • This special configuration enhances the bulk mixing action and, combined with the revolving scraper blade, results in efficient heating and cooling performance, even with very high viscosity products


Main features

  • The Speedycream is equipped with an internal CIP/SIP system engineered according to GAMP standards. A full set of automatic and semi-automatic receipts are available in order to satisfy most stringent client procedures
  • The Speedycream is available in a full range from 5 liter laboratory units to 30.000 liter large industrial equipment
  • Speedycream control systems are developed in-house in compliance with 21 CFR part 11. Operations can be automatic/semi-automatic and controlled by PLC and SCADA systems


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