When complete, timely cleaning from one campaign to another or even between same product batches, the Olsa Drymix dryers play a key role in an efficient production cycle

Their reliability and versatility can be found in the most demanding of processed products



Very often in the pharmaceutical industry the thermal instability of the products requires a vacuum drying at low temperature

In this case Olsa Drymix are the most appropriate and reliable answer to this need. The goal of this Drymix design is to create a comprehensive drying system that addresses all technical concerns while being compliant for use in areas of different classification (clean rooms, explosive atmosphere, etc.)


Static Vacuum Dryers

Drying times optimized through continuous technological research to find effective product/trays heat exchange solutions

Since 1947 Olsa dryers have been a market benchmark


Hot Air Circulation Dryer

OLSA proprietary design is a direct result of many years consolidated experience in the field of drying with hot air or under vacuum condition

This experience has significantly improved the drying efficiency performance



In the preparation and handling of raw materials for chemical and pharmaceutical industry, drying is generally a cumbersome step and substantially affects production costs, both for time and labor involved

The rotary dryers type “ROTOVAC” overcome the technical and economic problems, since the following advantages are obtained:



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