Filtration is the most common and important technology used for the separation of solid from a liquid phase

Its aim is primarily to recover the solid that, in a second stage, should be dried to reduce the humidity or the solvent content in the product


  • API intermediate and final active ingredients
  • Extracts
  • Fine Chemicals



Olsa Filterplus Nutsche type filters are process units for the solid-liquid separation and cake washing

Olsa dryfilters are multipurpose units to perform in one single equipment also the product drying operation in addition to the solid-liquid separation


Oyster (WF)

Oyster filters are wheeled filters, designed for multipurpose use

These units find their main application in the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry, they allow for easy transfer between different production areas and laboratory. The Oyster filters allow for pressure filtration operation, which are performed manually in an enclosed, pressure rated unit


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